Stakeholder Committee

Our project development is guided by stakeholders and we need your help to ensure that Solar Forecast Arbiter meets your needs. Anyone who has a stake in evaluating the skill of energy forecasts can participate in the project stakeholder committee. Joining is a simple as clicking this link and filling out the short form there.

We need your help to ensure that the Solar Forecast Arbiter continues to have lasting value to both forecasters and end-users.

So stakeholders please take 1 minute and sign up for the email list! You can unsubscribe at any time.

Stakeholder communications

Links to previous stakeholder communications are provided below.

  1. Use cases: Request for feedback
  2. Use cases: Response to feedback and revisions
  3. Data exchange: Request for feedback
  4. Data exchange: Webinar recording
  5. Data exchange: Response to feedback and revisions
  6. Metrics: Request for feedback
  7. 2019 Solar Forecasting 2 Workshop: Save the date
  8. 2019 Solar Forecasting 2 Workshop: Agenda
  9. September 2019 Virtual Stakeholder Meeting
  10. Climate Zones Finalized
  11. Data Use Agreement
  12. Data Use Agreement Revision 1.1
  13. Beta 3 Webinar
  14. Cost metrics feedback request
  15. Beta 4 Webinar
  16. Beta 4, cost metrics follow up
  17. Beta 5 release
  18. Beta 6 release
  19. RC1 release
  20. 1.0 release
  21. 1.0 webinar reminder
  22. 1.0 webinar recording