Stakeholder Committee

Our project development is guided by stakeholders and we need your help to ensure that Solar Forecast Arbiter meets your needs. Anyone who has a stake in evaluating the skill of solar irradiance and power forecasts can participate in the project stakeholder committee. Joining is a simple as clicking this link and filling out the short form there.

The goal of the stakeholder committee is to ensure that we:

  • Create a framework for evaluating forecasts that meets community needs
  • Protect the data security and privacy of users and data providers.

The role of committee members will include the following:

  • Review and provide input to use cases that the platform capabilities will be built around
  • Input on data requirements including metadata, format, quality control, security, access management, privacy, and communications
  • Weighing in on benchmark forecasts and reference datasets
  • Provide input and review of analysis capabilities and metrics selection

All committee members will be able keep up with stakeholder topics and dive in where they feel it is most appropriate but it is not expected that every stakeholder will weigh in on every topic. The types of stakeholders we need are:

  • Forecast providers, along with their data scientists and legal teams
  • Forecast end-users
  • Data owners, especially those considering contributing their project/resource data. We particularly need input on how to maximize data contributions by addressing legal, privacy, security, and other data related issues.
  • Solar Forecasting 2 Topic Areas 2/3 teams to make sure we meet their needs

We need your help so that Solar Forecast Arbiter not only meets the SF2 goals, but continues to have lasting value to both forecasters and end-users after the SF2 is complete.

So stakeholders please take 1 minute and sign up for the Stakeholder Committee email list! You can unsubscribe at any time.

Stakeholder communications

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