Getting Started

Registering an account on the Solar Forecast Arbiter is a two step process:

  1. Sign up for an account. This automatic process immediately grants you access to the Arbiter’s reference data and reference forecasts.

  2. Create a new Organization or join an existing Organization. This manual process grants you access to the rest of the Arbiter’s features including uploading data, sharing data, running reports, and participating in trials.

The sections below describe these steps in more detail.

Signing up

New framework users sign up through the Solar Forecast Arbiter dashboard. The signup form is found by following the ‘Log in’ link on the front page of the dashboard. You will be prompted with an Auth0 login window (Auth0 is a secure authentication service). Click the sign up tab and enter your information. Users will receive an email from Solar Forecast Arbiter to verify their account. Account verification is required before you will be able to access data in the Solar Forecast Arbiter.


Organizations are groups of users whose permissions and data are managed by the same group of administrators. An organization retains ownership of all data submitted by its members. Only organization administrators will be authorized to grant users permissions to view or alter data owned by their organization.

Creating an Organization

To create an new organization, contact the framework administrators at to start the process. The framework administrators will provide the non-negotiable Data Use Agreement, the user will review the Data Use Agreement and return the Data Use Agreement signed by an authorized representative of their organization. A point of contact will be established to verify future updates to the organization. The point of contact typically is the person that initiated the request, but alternative or additional points of contact may be designated. The organization point of contact will appoint one or more organization administrators to manage user and data access. The point of contact typically is also an administrator.

Joining an Organization

Users can join an existing organization by emailing the framework administrators at Framework administrators will verify with the organization’s point of contact that the user is authorized to join the organization. To expedite this process, an organization’s point of contact may initiate a request to add the user to their organization.

User Classifications

Users of the Solar Forecast Arbiter are described by one or more of the following classifications.

Organization Point of Contact

An organization’s point of contact is a representative of the organization who is authorized to approve or request changes to the organization. There may be more than one point of contact for an organization.

A point of contact may coordinate with framework administrators to:

  • Add and remove users from the organization.

  • Promote users to organization administrators.

  • Coordinate organization participation in a forecast trial.

Organization Administrators

Organization Administrators are users with special permission to manage users, roles and permissions. Organization administrators are also granted full access to their organization’s data. An organization’s point of contact may request that users in their organization be promoted to an organization administrator by emailing a request to

Administrators may grant and revoke roles from users in their organization and add or remove permissions from roles. Roles may be granted to members of other organizations provided their organization has aggreed to the Data Use Aggreement.

All administrative permissions other than read access, e.g. those allowing create, update, grant, revoke or delete on users, roles or permissions, are restricted to sharing with users in the same organization. For example, attempts to grant a role with permission to update users to a member of another organization or to add the update users permission to a role that has been granted outside the organization will not be allowed.

Standard User

Solar Forecast Arbiter users are added to the Unaffiliated organization by default. Unaffiliated users will have access to the reference data set but may not gain further access until they have joined an organization that has accepted the data use agreement.

An organization’s point of contact may submit a request to to add a user to their organization. Users new to an organization have no access to the organization’s data until an organization administrator grants them access.