All notable changes to the Solar Forecast Arbiter Framework will be documented in this file.

Detailed changes to the Solar Forecast Arbiter Core python library can be found in the core documentation’s what’s new series.

[1.0beta4] - 2020-02-07


  • Daily updating precomputed reports for select reference data.

  • Reports now contain a summary of data affected by the data resampling and alignment process. The summary includes the number of data points removed by each phase of validation.

  • Reports now contain a table of all included metrics over the entire selected period.

  • Reports may be configured to filter data by quality flag. Currently allows filtering of user flagged and nighttime values.

  • The dashboard report view now allows users to search metric plots by forecast and to sort metric plots by metric, category and forecast.

  • Dashboard users can now download report metrics as a csv using a link in the Metrics section of the report.

  • Reports in the pending and failed state now display a message to the user about their status. For failed reports, this is a list of errors encountered while processing the report.


  • The API’s report response’s raw_report attribute was updated to reflect the set of processed report data needed for rendering a final report. The raw_report attribute was previously presented as a serialized version of the final rendered report.

  • The core library’s Report received a major refactoring. See the core what’s new for details.

  • The button for downloading timeseries data from the dashboard has moved to below the plots on any Forecast, Observation or Probabilistic Forecast’s page. The same start and end times are used for downloading data and creating plots.

  • The start and end time values for the dashboard’s timeseries plots are now prefilled with time range requested. By default, this will display the last three days of data.


  • Corrected handling of empty observation timeseries during metrics preprocessing which was causing report processing to fail.

  • Corrected handling of interval_label == ending when computing metrics for a report containing mixed interval_labels.

[1.0beta3] - 2019-12-16


  • Dashboard report form now includes all deterministic metrics options identified by stakeholders.

  • Dashboard report form now includes options to calculate metrics by categories Total, Year, Month, Date, and Hour of Day.

  • Ability to analyze forecasts of aggregated observations in reports.

  • Reports may be downloaded in HTML format from the dashboard at /reports/<report_id>/downloads/html.

  • The API report schema’s object_pair json objects have been updated to support pairing forecasts with either observations or aggregates. See the api documentation for details.

  • Dashboard report downloads contain a GPG signed report as well as md5, sha1 and sha256 checksums for validation.

  • (this file) for tracking and communicating changes.

  • Dashboard tables now allow for filtering on multiple columns. e.g. Variable, Provider and Site for Observation and Forecast tables.


  • Permissions acting on aggregates are now accessible on the dashboard via a Role’s permission listing.

  • Removed dashboard functionality to create ineffectual permissions granting update action on forecasts, sites, observations and probabilistic forecasts.

  • Removed permissions listing from the dashboard role creation form. Users will now add permissions after the Role has been created.

  • Updated dashboard role and permission forms to retain checklist selections in the event of an error.

[1.0beta2] - 2019-11-18


  • Aggregates can be created through the dashboard. See Aggregate Documentation

  • Day-ahead probabilistic reference forecasts based on the GEFS are available for DOE RTC, NOAA SURFRAD, NOAA SOLRAD, and NREL MIDC networks.


  • Issues with report plots and tables including inconsistent forecast ordering and coloring in report bar charts, limitations on number of forecasts than can be plotted, limitations on number of metrics in a table.

[1.0beta] - 2019-10-4



  • Reports now calculate monthly, daily, hourly metrics in the timezone specified by the site metadata instead of UTC.

  • Reference NWP forecasts now properly account for interval_label.

[1.0alpha] - 2019-06-28

Initial Solar Forecast Arbiter Dashboard release. Includes site, forecast, probabilistic forecast, and basic report functionality.