Trials Testing

Will Holmgren, Feb 12, 2020

This post may be updated based on stakeholder feedback.

The Solar Forecast Arbiter now supports anonymous operational forecast trials. The team has run a series of internal tests of this feature. Because of the importance of this feature, we’re requesting that a handful of forecast users and forecast vendors help us test the feature to ensure that it operates smoothly and meets their needs.

We propose a series of short forecast trials described below. We expect that trials may need to be rerun to accommodate errors on our side or unexpected difficulties for users.

We ask that users do not upload real forecasts for these initial test trials. Rather, users should upload non-proprietary, random, constant, or other types of forecast that could be made publicly available without concern. This will allow all of us to debug systems more easily if/when issues arise. To the extent that it’s feasible to program within your systems, we recommend running your systems as if you were making a real forecast but then replacing the final data with fake data before posting it to the Arbiter’s API.

Before starting a trial, users should be familiar with posting forecast data to the Arbiter’s API. We expect the API to be relatively straightforward to program against. The API documentation is available at

Trial 1:

Trial 2:

Trial 3:

Please contact Will Holmgren at with comments, questions, or to sign up for the trials testing.